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What is Health Tourism?

As a result of the meeting of the words ‘health’ and ‘tourism’ which cannot be reconciled in etymological terms, the concept of ‘Health Tourism‘ emerged. The main reason for the emergence of this concept is the increased demand in getting a treatment abroad. In addition, patients who travel to another country for treatment abroad are called ‘health tourists’. In health tourism, the aim of the patient is not only to go to the hospital abroad and get a treatment. The patients enjoy the trip where the clinic or hospital is located, just as if they are on a vacation to rest their soul. Therefore, it is not right to consider health tourism only as ‘treatment abroad’. Health tourism, which is a type of tourism that is of serious importance today, provides both physiological and psychological rest by beautifying the process of rejuvenating the person’s health. 

Thanks to the increasing importance of health tourism in the world and the increasing number of health tourists, the health tourism sector has become an important commercial area in developed countries. Health tourism, which contributes greatly to the country’s income, has developed in certain countries than in other ones. Germany, USA, Turkey, India and Thailand are the leading developed countries in terms of health tourism. According to statistical analyses, there is a high number of international health tourists in these countries. Turkey is one of the main countries that offers high-quality services thanks to different and successful treatment methods in various areas of health tourism. Turkey is among the countries that have proven themselves with qualitative results and patient satisfaction in terms of both potential and price in health tourism.

Types of Health Tourism

There are multiple types of health tourism that both offer the patients get their treatment while exploring new places. Health tourism is divided into three fields. These can be stated as medical tourism, which covers treatments in hospitals and polyclinics, thermal tourism covering treatments aimed at rehabilitating and resting the patient, and geriatric tourism, which covers treatments to color the social lives of the elderly and disabled. Under the medical tourism branch there is a type of tourism that we call dental tourism. In dental tourism, the patient can get the necessary dental treatments at the highest quality and most affordable price in countries other than his/her own country.

Why is Dental Tourism Done?

There are multiple answers to the question “Why is Dental Tourism done?” which often comes up. The patient’s desire to benefit from advanced health technology abroad due to inadequate health services in his/her country is one of these responses. The desire to travel and meet new places during treatment is one of the main reasons for dental tourism. The appeal of both vacationing in the country where the treatment will be performed and getting a high-quality health care at a more affordable price is one of the most important factors in getting a dental tourist. Finally, the treatment confidentiality preferred by many celebrities is also one of the reasons for dental tourism. Although there are multiple reasons, there is one common cause underlying them all. This common cause is to travel to countries that offer better treatment quality and more affordable dental health care, with the combination of a treatment and vacation.

Dental Tourism in Turkey

Turkey, which has a unique geographical location, has succeeded with its success stories to be one of the pioneers of dental tourism. Turkey has succeeded in becoming a health tourism country in all areas of health tourism and has been recognized as an international health tourism center. Turkey has developed in the field of dental tourism as a result of having clinics of successful and experienced physicians in its territory and offering quality service at an affordable price. Thus, these attractive facilities are combined with an excellent travel project and the treatment process has become more enjoyable. Dental tourism, which is included in the medical branch of health tourism, provides the patient with the perfect smile he/she wishes combined with a relaxing holiday. Thanks to successful dentists, there are many dental health tourists who come to Turkey for dental tourism purposes and return satisfied. Dentists who apply the most affordable treatments in the highest quality can give you the smile you have always wanted. The smile you want is a vacation away from you.

Advantages of Dental Tourism in Turkey

Turkey, which is among the leading countries in terms of dental tourism, has managed to reach this position thanks to the advantages it provides. The main advantage of dental tourism in Turkey is that it gives its patients the chance to enjoy a holiday while getting a treatment. Thanks to its nature, history and warm weather accompanied by its azure sea, Turkey is among the most preferred countries for dental tourism. Turkey, which has the same high-quality medical devices as the ones in Europe, uses FDA and CE approved devices. Treatment prices of dentists in Turkey are 50% lower than in Europe. Thus, it is possible to get the same health service in Turkey at a more affordable price than in Europe. Thanks to the affordable treatment prices offered in Turkey, is Turkey among the favorite treatment countries of private insurance companies abroad. Apart from affordable prices, it is easier to make a dental treatment appointment in Turkey and the waiting queue time for those who want to be treated is shorter than the ones in European countries. Health tourists who want to be treated immediately can apply to dental tourism as soon as possible and get the smile they want. Another advantage is that the materials used in dental treatments in Turkey are of same quality as in Europe. These medical supplies, all licensed and approved, will ensure that patients receive a high-quality treatment. Finally, the professional and experienced dentists serving in Turkey and their success stories are one of the advantages of dental tourism in Turkey. You are invited to become a dental tourist in Turkey to have the perfect aesthetic smile you want while resting your soul in the dazzling resorts of Turkey. It is possible in Turkey to have both a holiday and perfect teeth for half the price in Europe.

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