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Composite Veneers

What are Composite Dental Veneers?

Unlike the porcelain and zirconium veneer methods, there is no need to file the teeth in the composite veneer method. In this dental veneer method, the aim is to close the minimal aesthetic defects of the teeth. The composite veneer method, which ensures the removal of smaller defects in the most aesthetic and professional way, can be done within a day. The composite veneer method, which can be applied quite quickly, is usually applied to the front and visible parts of the teeth. Color changes of the front teeth, small rough parts on the tooth and minimal defects can be removed with composite veneers. Thanks to the white composite resins that we encounter in aesthetic fillings, this aesthetic tooth coating technique eliminates all defects in a short period of time. 

After applying the composite veneers, it is hardened with the help of a blue light. When the targeted hardening is achieved, the covered tooth is given the desired shape in a way that is compatible with the neighbor teeth. As a result, the patient gets the excellent smile, in which the composite veneer is never noticed. In line with the recommendations of our professional dentists, you can free your teeth from minor defects and make them perfect by having composite veneers.


Composite Veneers Prices


The answer to the question “How much are composite veneers in Turkey?” can vary according to many factors. The factors affecting the composite veneer prices in Turkey can be stated as the number of the composite veneers made, the brand of the composite material and the patient’s mouth, teeth and jaw condition. In addition, the experience of the professional dentist is a major factor in the price setting of the composite dental veneer in Turkey. By taking into account the preliminary examinations and the wishes of the patients, the best and most suitable composite veneer price is offered to the patient. You can also visit the veneers page for other dental veneers.


How Long Do Composite Veneers Last?


The care of the composite resin veneers should be done much more meticulously than the care of the teeth of a normal healthy individual. Oral care should be given importance and acidic beverages should be avoided. Alcohol and cigarette consumption should be avoided or minimized if possible. Teeth should be brushed twice a day. In addition, attention should be paid to the health of the gums. When all these conditions are met, your composite coating can withstand even up to 20 years.


How Much For Composite Veneers?


The prices of composite veneers may differ from patient to patient. For a clear price information, the wishes and needs of the patients should be considered first. Contact us now for more detailed information!


How To Whiten Composite Veneers?


Everyone wants to have white teeth. However, sometimes this process can be a little difficult. It is possible to prevent the yellowing of teeth, which is manifested by environmental factors. For these, it is primarily to reduce the consumption of tea and coffee. Afterwards, if there is smoking, it should be stopped. It can be said that these factors are the enemies of white teeth. One of the most effective methods for teeth whitening is composite coating. When used carefully and hygienically, you can have white teeth for life.


Composite Veneers Procedure


Composite veneers are a process made by obtaining resin in the color of the individual’s tooth. These composite resin veneers are procedures that can be applied completely in one go and are only suitable for veneer of anterior teeth. No further action is required other than a short acid etching. It is a lifetime application that ends in a very short time.


Composite Veneers Advantages


Composite teeth veneers are the type of veneer that best adapts to the natural tooth color of the individual in terms of both color and appearance. It has a very aesthetic appearance. After the treatment process is over, there is no extra procedure that needs to be applied in your normal life. Provides resistance to abrasions. Another advantage of this type of coating is that there is no need for anesthesia during the procedure. Coatings do not lose color over time.


What are the Risks of Composite Veneers?


Composite veneers in Turkey have been performed for many years. However, there are some things to be considered before these procedures are performed. For example, dentists first examine the patient’s teeth and give information on whether composite veneers can be made according to some aspects. First, an intraoral examination is performed and a procedure is performed considering the patient’s expectations. In most cases, these teeth can be used easily, but sometimes they can be deformed. For example, if you try to break or open something hard with your teeth, your dental crowns will be damaged. Therefore, extra care and attention should be paid after the coating is done.


How To Keep Composite Veneers White?


You do not need to take any extra action to keep the composite resin veneers teeth white. Tea and coffee stains that occur over time on normal teeth are prevented from forming on these coatings. Therefore, you will have long-term whiteness. However, the oral care routine should not be interrupted and excessive consumption of tea, coffee and cigarettes should be avoided in preparation for all conditions.

Veneers is bonded to just the front surface of your tooth, while a dental crown covers your entire tooth. This tends to make veneers more aesthetically pleasing than crowns because they show less gum margin.

Veneer prices may vary depending on the material you prefer and how many teeth you need. Our prices starting from 170 euros.