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Dental Veneers

What are Dental Veneers?

Our specialist dentists, who provide you with high-quality service in our clinic, perform dental veneer in Turkey in a professional way. Dental veneers are also known as dental restorations. The reason why is that the dental veneers restore the deformed and damaged teeth that due to a reason were not able to maintain their nature both aesthetically and functionally.  Veneers in Turkey do not only make the teeth have a natural and aesthetic appearance, but also strengthen and regenerate them. Dental veneer methods are used where dental repair methods such as dental filling are inadequate. The main materials used in dental veneers include zirconium, porcelain and composites. Among these options, the most appropriate dental veneer method is selected according to the patient’s health status, wishes and needs. Thus, the treatment starts with a plan according to the chosen dental veneer method.  

How are dental veneers done?


Before a dental veneer treatment, the patient is going through the necessary preliminary examinations and the patient’s oral cavity, jaw and teeth measurements are taken. In line with the personalized patient treatment plan which is developed according to the oral measurements taken, it is ensured that the oral cavity and teeth hygiene is present. After the necessary tooth-cleaning treatments, the teeth that are going to get dental veneers are filed and made thinner depending on the selected dental veneer method in order to be ready to be covered. The tooth-thinning depends entirely on the selected dental veneer method and the refining takes between 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm place. After the abrasion process is completed, the teeth are wiped with the latest technology tooth cleaning tool. The mold of the teeth that are ready to be covered is taken with the help of 3D technology and other molding methods. These molds are then sent to the laboratory. This process is the same in both zirconium veneers and porcelain veneers. On the other hand, there is no need for molding or an activity in a laboratory in the composite veneer method. During the waiting time for the teeth to come back from the laboratory, temporary dental veneers are used in order for the patient to continue his/her daily life easily. When the dental veneers come from the laboratory, they are placed in the patient’s oral cavity and the necessary adjustments and refinements are made. As a result of the necessary adjustments, the dental veneers are created as the patient wishes and sent back to the laboratory for polishing. In order for covering the teeth with high-quality materials such as zirconium and porcelain that provide not only functionality but also an excellent appearance, an adhesive that never damages the tooth tissue is used. By using special acids that do not damage your teeth or gums, the adhesive holds better to the teeth. Finally, after applying the bonding solution to the teeth, the patient gets the perfect smile he/she wishes and needs.

What are Zirconium Veneers?

The zirconium veneers method is one of the most commonly used coating methods among dental veneers in Turkey. The covered teeth are as stable and robust as the real teeth thanks to the hard structure of the zirconium element. Zirconium veneers, that provide an aesthetic appearance thanks to their structure similar to the natural tooth structure, do not pose any danger that can harm the health of the patient. The zirconium element does not cause problems such as tooth sensitivity. The zirconium veneer method not only provides an excellent appearance, but also adapts to the structure of the oral cavity and palate. Thanks to the robust structure of the zirconium element, it is possible to consume food and drinks with the veneers as if they are your natural teeth. The zirconium veneer molds; are created with the latest technology according to the oral measurements taken, the wishes and needs of the patient. Thus, mold errors that may occur are prevented, the teeth are eye-catchingly natural and beautiful, and the patient is happy and satisfied. Teeth covered with the zirconium veneer method provide a lifetime use when used as recommended by our specialist dentists. Zirconium veneers, which have a hard structure but are not heavy, do not change color in time. Zirconium veneer teeth have a bright and aesthetic appearance as on the first day. Thanks to our specialist dentists, it is almost impossible to distinguish between professional zirconium veneer and natural teeth. For a happy and healthy smile, you can consult with our zirconium veneers specialists in Turkey.

What are Porcelain Dental Veneers?

The porcelain veneers method is a well-known and world-widely preferred coating method just as it is in Turkey. In this dental veneer method, the teeth are covered with a porcelain material after being filed and roughened with a specific professional acid. The teeth covered with porcelain always retain their shine and ensure that the patient has an aesthetic smile. Porcelain veneer teeth are indistinguishable from real teeth and are very comfortable and suitable for use. The porcelain veneer method offers the patient a long-lasting and hygienic oral-tooth structure. Patients who follow the recommendations of specialist dentists can use these teeth for a long time. Thanks to the high-quality materials used in the porcelain veneer method, there can be no color change on the teeth. It is possible to turn your defective teeth, which you are not satisfied with both aesthetically and functionally, into a perfect smile and mouth structure with the help of our specialist dentists and porcelain veneers.

What are Composite Dental Veneers?

Unlike the porcelain and zirconium veneer methods, there is no need to file the teeth in the composite veneer method. In this dental veneer method, the aim is to close the minimal aesthetic defects of the teeth. The composite veneer method, which ensures the removal of smaller defects in the most aesthetic and professional way, can be done within a day. The composite veneer method, which can be applied quite quickly, is usually applied to the front and visible parts of the teeth. Color changes of the front teeth, small rough parts on the tooth and minimal defects can be removed with composite veneers. Thanks to the white composite resins that we encounter in aesthetic fillings, this aesthetic tooth coating technique eliminates all defects in a short period of time. After applying the composite veneer, it is hardened with the help of a blue light. When the targeted hardening is achieved, the covered tooth is given the desired shape in a way that is compatible with the neighbor teeth. As a result, the patient gets the excellent smile, in which the composite veneer is never noticed. In line with the recommendations of our professional dentists, you can free your teeth from minor defects and make them perfect by having composite veneers.

Types of Dental Veneers

Thanks to dental veneers, the appearance of fractures, cracks or caries in the tooth is eliminated. In addition to these, yellowing of the teeth can also be eliminated by these coatings. While applying all these, one of the issues that dentists pay the most attention to is the natural appearance of these veneers. When this treatment is applied professionally as it should be, the teeth gain an aesthetic appearance. There are some types of dental veneers. These coatings are named after the materials used in their content. These types of dental veneers are determined by dentists according to the conditions of individuals. These are metal-based porcelain veneers, full ceramic empress veneers, zirconium-based porcelain veneers, porcelain laminate veneers and finally composite laminate veneers. In metal-structured porcelain tooth veneer, the tooth is measured and a metal infrastructure is created in accordance with the dimensions. If this infrastructure is compatible with the patient’s mouth, the tooth shape is created. After the final polishing, the dental veneer is ready for use. Full ceramic empress dental veneer is also known as a single tooth veneer technique. Unlike other varieties, it can only be applied to the front single tooth. However, the nu coating type is not very durable compared to other coatings. Fractures may occur against hard blows. Porcelain tooth veneer with zirconium infrastructure is more advantageous than other veneers. The feature of this variety is to provide a purely aesthetic appearance. This type of dental veneer gives the simplest appearance to the natural tooth. Porcelain laminate veneers, are used only in the front parts of the teeth. Finally, also known as composite bonding, composite laminate veneer is not a complete veneer. It is a process that occurs as a result of several changes on the tooth.

What Kind of Problems Do Dental Veneers Fix?

There are the main situations in which dental veneer treatment is applied. These are erosion of the enamel on the teeth, deterioration of general dental health and wear in the teeth, genetic reasons, irregular tooth appearance and yellowing of the teeth. In such cases, having dental veneer treatment will be good for your health and will also help you gain an aesthetic appearance.

Dental Veneer Procedure

Dental veneer treatment is a procedure that is applied to eliminate most dental problems. The main point in this treatment is which tooth coating type will be applied to which tooth or teeth. There are different types of dental veneers for each problem. It is possible to get detailed information about dental veneer procedures before dental veneers in Turkey. Thanks to this, you will also learn what awaits you and what kind of procedures will be applied before you have the coating process.

What are the Benefits of Dental Veneers?

There are some benefits of having dental veneers in Turkey. The most important of these is that the dental coating provides an extremely aesthetic appearance to your teeth. In addition, when a natural-looking coating is made, you will not experience any problems or difficulties in your normal life. In addition, porcelain dental veneers are highly resistant to stains. These veneers may be slightly whiter than the individual’s own tooth color. This reveals a cleaner mouth appearance. Porcelain dental veneers also help eliminate tooth odor. The durability of zirconium dental crowns is higher. Thanks to dental veneers, your crooked, sparse or broken teeth gain a straight, healthy and white appearance.

What are the Risks of Dental Veneers?

As well as the benefits of dental veneers, in some cases it can pose a risk and sometimes harm the person. These harms can be caused by the use of faulty materials at the beginning of the treatment, but also by poor oral care. One of these damages is cracking or breaking of the coatings. A coating that is not properly applied can deform on a hard impact. In addition, if you do not have a clean oral care routine, these breakouts will also occur. Another risk is that the coating may fall off. It has been observed that the veneers fall off as a result of the decay of the veneered tooth or as a result of the adhesive used during the veneer not holding. However, these falling veneers can be easily adhered by dentists. Cold or hot sensitivity in teeth after veneer is normal. Toothache or gum pain are also conditions that can be seen after veneers. Even if the treatment method is applied correctly, bite problems may occur in some cases. This situation can be solved with a new coating by evaluating by dentists.

How Long Is the Dental Veneer Life?

If there is no breakage, decay or yellowing, dentists say that dental veneers will last up to 15-20 years. Of course, attention should be paid to oral care during this process. Patients who have dental veneers need to take extra care of their teeth. In this way, the veneers for teeth will last much longer.

How is Dental Veneer Aftercare?

There is no special procedure that needs to be applied after the dental veneer is done. Only a little more attention should be paid to normal conditions and its cleaning should be given great importance. Since veneers for teeth are sensitive, consumption of extremely hot or extremely cold foods and beverages should be avoided. Teeth should be brushed twice a day and care should be taken to use dental floss when necessary.

What is the Cost of Dental Veneers?

Since dental veneers are treatments that are specially designed for individuals, they differ according to the condition of the patients. Many factors, from the material used to the number of teeth to be coated, cause changes in prices. However, despite all this, our dental veneers price is extremely reasonable. You can contact us for more information.

Dental Veneer Alternatives

As mentioned before, if your teeth are broken, the most appropriate treatment method will be dental veneer. In cases where dental veneer treatment is not preferred, composite bonding can be applied.

If there is no breakage, decay or yellowing, dentists say that dental veneers will last up to 15-20 years. Of course, attention should be paid to oral care during this process. Patients who have dental veneers need to take extra care of their teeth. In this way, the veneers for teeth will last much longer.

Veneer prices may vary depending on the material you prefer and how many teeth you need.