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What are Zirconium Veneers?

The zirconium veneers method is one of the most commonly used coating methods among dental veneers in Turkey. The covered teeth are as stable and robust as the real teeth thanks to the hard structure of the zirconium element. Zirconium veneers, that provide an aesthetic appearance thanks to their structure similar to the natural tooth structure, do not pose any danger that can harm the health of the patient. The zirconium element does not cause problems such as tooth sensitivity. The zirconium veneer method not only provides an excellent appearance, but also adapts to the structure of the oral cavity and palate. Thanks to the robust structure of the zirconium element, it is possible to consume food and drinks with the veneers as if they are your natural teeth. 

The zirconium veneers; are created with the latest technology according to the oral measurements taken, the wishes and needs of the patient. Thus, mold errors that may occur are prevented, the teeth are eye-catchingly natural and beautiful, and the patient is happy and satisfied. Teeth covered with the zirconium veneer method provide a lifetime use when used as recommended by our specialist dentists. Zirconium veneers, which have a hard structure but are not heavy, do not change color in time. Zirconium veneer teeth have a bright and aesthetic appearance as on the first day. Thanks to our specialist dentists, it is almost impossible to distinguish between professional zirconium veneer and natural teeth. For a happy and healthy smile, you can consult with our zirconium veneers specialists in Turkey.

Zirconium Veneers Price

The answer to the question “How much is zirconium veneers in Turkey?” which many people are also curious about depends on more than one factor. Among these factors affecting zirconium veneers prices in Turkey are the number of coatings made, the brand of the zirconium material, the patient’s oral cavity, teeth and jaw condition. The experience of the dentists and the place where zirconium veneers will be made also play a major role in setting the price of zirconium veneers in Turkey. After the necessary examinations, our dentists offer the best and most budget-friendly zirconium veneer price to the patient, taking into account all the wishes and needs they have.

How Long Does Zirconium Veneers Last?

As with all types of dental veneers, zirconium veneers last for a long time as long as cleanliness and care are taken into account. Once you have it, you are known for your smiles thanks to these healthy and white teeth that you can use for a lifetime. With regular oral care, zirconium veneers can last up to 15-20 years.

Zirconium Veneers Advantages

The biggest advantage of zirconium veneers teeth is that they give you very healthy-looking white teeth and an aesthetic smile. These coatings, which are guaranteed to be used for many years, do not have a situation such as wear over time. Thanks to zirconium veneers, which also have a great effect on your dental health, you can have your teeth that you think look bad, much healthier and straighter.

Zirconium Veneers Procedure

Depending on the situation, two different procedures await the patient, whose zirconium tooth structure is decided for veneers. In the classic version of these procedures, dentists take oral x-rays to assess the condition and administer local anesthesia to the patient. Some of the enamel is scraped off to shape the coating so it fits perfectly. The zirconium veneers are adhered to the natural tooth in a suitable form and after the patient accepts its suitability, the veneer or laminate veneer is fixed. The blue light on the special adhesive used to hold it ensures that the process is permanent.

How is Zirconium Veneers Aftercare?

There are a few things to do after zirconium dental treatment. First, brush your teeth twice a day with a soft-tipped toothbrush. It is necessary to use dental floss regularly. It is important to use mouthwash to remove bacteria. Care of the zirconium veneers Turkey should be taken to avoid very hot, very cold or very hard foods. Fizzy drinks and foods with artificial colors should be avoided.

What are the Risks of Zirconium Veneers?

Zirconium teeth are harmless and zirconia veneers price are very reasonable. In fact, zirconium porcelain veneers can be used safely for patients who are allergic to metal-porcelain veneers. Gingival compatibility and biocompatibility of zirconium veneer is one of the closest veneer types to natural teeth.

What Kind of Problems Do Zirconium Veneers Fix?

Thanks to zirconium dental veneers, it is possible to have a much cleaner smile. These dental veneers will not only provide an aesthetic appearance, but will also cover the yellowing of teeth that have occurred over time. Therefore, zirconium veneers prevent many problems both in terms of health and appearance.

Because, our doctors have a lot of experience, they use quality materials and the prices are affordable.

Zirconium teeth are harmless and zirconia veneers price are very reasonable. In fact, zirconium porcelain veneers can be used safely for patients who are allergic to metal-porcelain veneers. Gingival compatibility and biocompatibility of zirconium veneer is one of the closest veneer types to natural teeth.

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