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What is Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontics; is a specialty that many dentists have after obtaining the necessary trainings. Thanks to this specialty, professional dentists can prevent possible distortions, correct existing ones or determine whether the teeth of their patients develop harmoniously. Whether the patient needs an orthodontic treatment is revealed as a result of oral, dental and jaw examinations. After these examinations, a treatment plan is prepared according to the needs and wishes of the patient. The orthodontic treatment, enables the patient to get a proper jaw and tooth structure for a gorgeous smile.

Why Do Orthodontic Diseases Occur?

Orthodontics diseases can occur and develop for many reasons. The fact that the patient’s congenital lower or upper jaw structure is narrow/wide or forward/behind, disorders of the jawbone, a structure of the tongue that is larger than necessary, and a mismatch of the upper and lower jaw are among the causes of orthodontic disorders. It is not only innate to have orthodontic diseases. Among the innate causes that constitute jaw and dental disorders that will require orthodontic treatment can be stated as excessive use of milk bottles or pacifiers, thumb-sucking in childhood and the loss of the milk teeth at an early or late age.

How to Treat Orthodontic Problems?

In order to apply an orthodontic treatment, our experienced dentists take the patient’s age, pre-existing diseases, and jaw and dental structure into account while determining the present orthodontic disorder. Whether the patient is a developing one plays an important role in choosing the type of treatment to be applied. While it is sufficient to apply just the orthodontic treatment to patients of developmental age, a surgical cooperation is absolutely necessary in the orthodontic treatment of patients who have completed their development. After all the analysis and examinations are performed, the most suitable method that gives the most successful result according to the patients’ needs and desires is recommended by our specialist dentists. A special treatment plan is created according to the pre-examinations of the patient. Furthermore, the patient’s teeth should not need any other dental treatment before the orthodontic treatment begins. After the hygiene in the mouth is maintained, the necessary measurements are made and special braces or transparent plaques are created for the patient. According to the patient’s request and need, braces are placed on his/her teeth. For the teeth of a patient who prefers the transparent plaque, suitable plaque molds are created. As a result of these procedures, our specialist dentists ensure that patients have an excellent smile.

What is Brace Orthodontics?

Brace orthodontics is one of the orthodontic treatment methods. The most important tool of the treatment is an apparatus that is glued to the patient’s teeth also known as a bracket. These devices have holes through which the wires can pass, allowing light pressure to be applied to the teeth in the desired direction. The device that makes the teeth move in the right direction in order to look smooth and even is called a bracket. Thanks to this treatment method, the patient can have the perfect smile that he/she has always been dreamt of.

How is the Process of the Brace Treatment?

Before starting the orthodontic treatment, all examinations are performed and a specific personalized treatment plan is prepared for the patient. In accordance with this plan, brackets are placed in the patient’s mouth. In the brace treatment that is used to move the teeth in the jawbone slowly and painlessly into the desired position, wires that practice smooth and continuous force to the teeth are attached. The continuous and light pressure made by these wires puts the teeth in the desired position. The positioning of the teeth within the jawbone occurs on average one or two mm per month. Tires that will help the teeth to change position can be added to this treatment process according to the patient’s needs. Thanks to the professional dentists in our clinic, it is possible to get the desired perfect result in a short period of time.

What is the Transparent Plaque Treatment?

The transparent plaque treatment, which is among the latest technology methods that we offer in our clinic, takes on the task of the traditional brace treatment in a more aesthetic way. The transparent plaque treatment is another orthodontic treatment method recommended to our patients who want an orthodontic treatment but do not want a brace and bracket appearance. Theoretically, the aim in the transparent plaque treatment is to ensure that the teeth are moved in the desired direction on the jawbone, just as in the brace treatment. Just like the brackets in the brace treatment method, dental molds, that are developed in a way that apply light pressure to your teeth, are tools for the displacement of teeth in the transparent plaque treatment.

What are the different types of orthodontic treatments?

Orthodontic treatments are a progressive treatment method by attaching brackets to tooth surfaces. There are many types of orthodontic treatments such as metal brackets, ceramic brackets, sapphire brackets, Invisalign, damon metal bracket, damon transparent bracket, lingual bracket.

What is the best type of orthodontic treatment for me?

In order to learn the most suitable orthodontics teeth for you, first of all, the individual should be examined by a dentist. Then, the necessary treatment method is applied according to the severity of the health condition of the individual’s teeth. Consult our dentists to find out the most suitable treatment for you.

How long does orthodontic treatment take?

The duration of orthodontic treatment varies from person to person and according to the patient’s condition. It is also said that with the current technology, the current treatment period has been shortened considerably. In general, the duration of an orthodontic treatment can last approximately 22-24 months.

How much does orthodontic treatment cost?

Fees for orthodontic treatment may vary depending on the type of treatment applied. You can contact us to find the most suitable treatment for you and to convey the price information. Our prices, like our treatments, will make you smile. 

How is the Process of the Brace Treatment?

The process of the brace treatment may vary depending on the size of the patient’s dental discomfort and the treatment method applied. While some patients have minor dental disorders, others can reach very serious dimensions. The rapid response of the gums and teeth to the treatment also changes the treatment process. The patient should have the necessary controls done at the specified times and strictly follow the rules given by the orthodontist.

How is the Transparent Plaque Treatment Applied?

Without dental brace orthodontics, is orthodontic treatment performed using transparent aligners prepared with 3D printers, without the use of metal or porcelain wires. Orthodontic disorders to which clear aligners are applied are quite diverse. It is used in many orthodontic disorders such as crooked or intermittent teeth. When orthodontic clear plaque treatment, which is one of the best aesthetic treatment alternatives, is applied, there is no wire appearance. Thanks to the removable transparent plates, it is possible to interrupt the treatment at any time during the day. Since these transparent plates can be removed at any time, you can take a break from the treatment at any time. 

The duration of orthodontic treatment varies. Some cases can be completed in less than 1 year. However, the average duration of treatment is 22-24 months.

Plenty of foods are fine to eat with braces. However, some “safe” foods might not be ideal immediately after getting braces, since they can irritate your mouth, causing too much pressure and sensitivity.

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