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The Heart of Mugla: Gocek

Gocek, known for its charming nature and relaxing quietness, is one of the most successful examples of protecting the nature from urbanization. Gocek is a paradise waiting to be discovered, where you can be one with nature and enjoy every moment with the company of green trees and a relaxing azure sea. This heartwarming village is located in the Fethiye Bay of Mugla, in Turkey. Gocek, which offers many sightseeing opportunities thanks to its location, brings you together with the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea and gives you the holiday of your dreams. Apart from its bays, crystal-clear sea and greenery, there are various cozy and beautiful restaurants to go to and delicious local flavors to try in Gocek. Gocek, whose past is full of secrets, is like a treasure waiting to be discovered by history lovers. Located right at the end of the Taurus Mountains, this beautiful destination is also home to many islands waiting to be visited. Gocek, the hidden treasure of Mugla, which is one of the must-visit places in Turkey, is home to charming historical houses, gorgeous mountains, natural green areas and immaculate weather that will be worth a visit, although the fact that it is a small town.

Muğla Göcek
Gocek Transport

Transportation in Gocek

There are many transportation opportunities to move from one place to another in Gocek and to reach Gocek, which is 28 km away from the Fethiye district of Mugla. Visitors from abroad can land at Dalaman Airport, Rhodes International Airport or Kastellrizo Airport. The nearest airport to Gocek is Mugla Dalaman Airport. After air transportation, you can reach your accommodation in Gocek from the airport by taxi, private rental car or public transportation. Visitors staying in Gocek can take place in a 12-Island-Tour with sea transportation such as a boat or yacht. Nowhere you want to reach in the hidden paradise of Mugla, Gocek, is inaccessible.

The Natural Paradise Gocek

The most beautiful and well-known features of Gocek are its magnificent pure nature, dazzling mountains, silence among the greenery and charming fresh air. Unlike many holiday resorts, Gocek was able to preserve its natural beauty and reflect this nature to its visitors for years. One of the main reasons that ensures that this natural settlement does not deteriorate and does not lose its ‘Mediterranean Bay’ identity is that every step to be intervened in nature in Gocek is controlled. If you want to witness the combination of nature, fresh air and clear Mediterranean waters, Mugla/Gocek is a holiday paradise for you.

Paradise Gocek
Turkish Breakfast

Gastronomy in Gocek

In Gocek, you can meet local mezes, international dishes and regional flavors accompanied by magnificent pine trees and the crystal-clear blue sea. Gocek is home to many restaurants and cafes and authentic flavors which include a very rich seafood diversity. In restaurants that offer great service with a high quality, you are ensured to find every taste that suits your wishes and needs. There are also many small local businesses, that are ready to be discovered, where you can buy local products.

Accommodation in Gocek

Gocek is a rich holiday destination that offers many options to its visitors when it comes to accommodation and entertainment. In the hidden paradise Gocek; Boutique hotels, bungalow houses and hostels are available for visitors who prefer minimalist accommodation types. On the contrary, there are hotels that are very comfortable and spacious offering swimming pool and wellness for visitors who prefer larger accommodations. Visitors in Gocek can whether stay in hotels among the greenery of the forests, boutique hotels with spectacular views on the mountains or accommodations with blue dazzling sea views close to the marina. Regardless of your preferences, Gocek will offer you the accommodation you have always been looking for.

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Gocek Turkey Sailboat

Boat Tours in Gocek

Known as the most popular destination for sailors, Gocek offers 12-Island-Tours thanks to its rich marinas. The fact that Gocek is surrounded by islands makes these tours easy to take place. Whether for a day or a few days, you can enrich your holiday by taking 12-Island-Tours and swimming in clear Mediterranean waters and dazzling bays. Gocek is the starting place for many boat and Mediterranean cruises. The main reason for this is that Gocek has six marinas according to world standards. Many local and foreign tourists visit Gocek in order to participate in these tours. Gocek is a paradise waiting to be explored, offering a variety of opportunities for visitors who want to speculate it from the azure blue waters.

Nightlife in Gocek

Gocek has restaurants, bars and cafés thats pice up the night life and allow you to have pleasant moments with your love dones or alone. It is possible to find restaurants for families that want to eat mouth watering dishes, bars for those who want to have fun at night and cafes for visitors who want to chat along with a delicious drink. On theotherhand, you can add fun to your summer nights by attending parties on yacht tours in Gocek. Alternatively, you can easily reach the resorts near Gocek and visit the entertainment venues there.

Gocek Night Life Turkey
Gocek Water Sports

Water Sports in Gocek

Gocek’s clear blue waters have ensured the diversity of water sports and activities in the region. It is possible to watch the lush nature while swimming in Mediterranean waters in Gocek. While enjoying the sun on the beaches in Gocek, you can get some fresh air, listen to the sound of nature with your eyes closed and participate in many water sports activities that will add fun to your trip. Gocek has many water sports facilities for visitors who want to explore the clear Mediterranean waters both from the surface and the underwaters by windsurfing, swimming and diving. Apart from water sports, fishing activities are available for visitors who are interested in fishing.

Historical Places in Gocek

Gocek, which has a rich history, was known in ancient times as “Kalimche”. Göcek, the historical heritage waiting to be discovered by the visitors who love history, manages to convey the culture of the ancient Kalimche still in the present day. Therefore, in this beautiful ancient Lycian settlement; It is usual to encounter many historical tombs, monuments and ancient structures on the roads. The mystical village of Gocek took its place in mythology as the place where Ikarius, the first flying man, experimented his first flight. In addition, you can easily visit the historical places in nearby towns such as Fethiye Museum after witnessing the history of Gocek. You can turn your holiday in Gocek into a historical feast by discovering the ancient ruins and historical monuments left behind by ancient civilizations both underwater and on the surface.


Gocek History
Gocek Weather

Weather and Population in Gocek 

The number of residents in Gocek, the town of calmness, is approximately 4,500. Depending on the season and the frequency of visitors, this population can change its number up to 7,000. If you want to have a holiday to relax your body and soul, Gocek, the gem of Mugla, is the best option for you. The weather in Gocek, which witnesses the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea meeting, is sunny for the most time of the year. The air temperature maintains its temperature throughout the year and allows its visitors to enjoy the sun all year long. Thanks to the warm weather in Gocek, lemon trees and orange trees are very possible to be seen. Whilst in summer, the weather can be 40 c°, in winter it can decrease into 15 c° on average. Visitors can plan their holidays in Gocek according to the temperature they wish and enjoy the beauty of the region just on the best time of the year.