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What is Smile Design?

Smile design, which is among latest technology treatments offered by our specialist dentists in our clinic, is a result of the combination of many other dental treatments. In the treatment of smile design, it is aimed to achieve the perfect and eye-catching aesthetic smile that the patient wishes. In this process, the mouth is treated as a whole and treatment methods such as dental veneers, aesthetic fillings and implants are used. A special treatment plan is prepared for the patient by taking into account the jaw and tooth disorders detected in the pre-examination of the patient´s oral cavity and the smile aesthetics requested by the patient. In the smile design treatment method, both dental treatment methods and gum aesthetics known as pink aesthetics are applied. Dental treatments include dental filling, veneers and implants

Treatments applied to the gums can be exemplified as botox and dermal filling. Thanks to the professional smile design treatment, it is possible to give the patients the smile they have always been wishing for. All treatment methods are applied according to the plan in order to achieve a natural smile with the help of the smile design application. Thanks to our professional dentists, it is possible to have a smile with excellent aesthetic appearance at any age.

Who Can Have a Smile Design?

Patients who want to have the smile design done, must first undergo a thorough preliminary examination. Since many treatment methods will be used, this preliminary examination is more extensive than the ones done before other treatment methods. Our professional dentists; examine meticulously the structure of the tooth, mouth and jaw and ensure that the patient’s oral hygiene is maintained. All dental problems that exist in the patient’s teeth should be treated before starting the aesthetic smile design treatment. The smile design, which gives the patient a perfect smile, is suitable for all patients who have completed the age of 18 and have been deemed suitable for the treatment as a result of their preliminary examination.

What Treatments Does Smile Design Consist of? / How Is Smile Design Done?

The smile design process is known as a process that consists of many dental and orthodontic procedures. Smile design, which requires many specializations, is planned according to the needs and wishes of the patient. Teeth whitening process may be included in the smile design of the patient. Thanks to this process, the color of the teeth is whitened a few shades and the patient has the appearance of a tooth in the excellence of his wish. Another process used in smile design is known as porcelain lamina application. In this aesthetic tooth application, porcelain laminas are applied on the teeth in order to make both the whiteness and shape of the teeth aesthetic. With the help of the implant treatment, that is frequently used in smile design processes, lost teeth are replaced and the implants are given a perfect shape that is indistinguishable from the neighbor teeth. In the orthodontic treatment method that is used to treat the smile design of patients with dental and jaw problems, distortions are eliminated with the help of brackets and thus a perfectly flat tooth structure is created. Finally, zirconium and porcelain veneers that add naturalness to the patient’s smile are also among the common methods used in smile design. Our professional dentists combine these methods according to the patient’s needs and create the most appropriate treatment plan for him/her. In line with this treatment plan, the patient has a new smile that he/she is in love with.

In How Many Sessions Is Smile Design Done? / How Long Does Smile Design Take?

The smile design treatment time varies from a person to another according to their current dental and orthodontic status. Patients with less defects in the tooth, mouth and jaw area have shorter treatment time than patients with severe oral problems. The patient can find the exact smile design treatment duration time in the treatment plan prepared with our specialist dentists. You can contact our dentists. who design the most perfect smiles in a short time in our clinic, to learn more about smile design.

How Much Does Smile Design Cost? / Smile Design Prices

The answer to the question “How much is smile design?”, about which many patients who want to get smile design are also curious, depends on more than one factor. Among these factors affecting smile design prices in Turkey is the number and variety of treatment methods to be performed, the number and brand of materials to be used in the treatment process, the patient’s mouth, teeth and jaw condition. The number of sessions of smile design to be performed and the experience of dentists also play a major role in setting a price for smile design in Turkey. Since smile design is a process that varies from a person to another, it is not possible to say a general price catering for everyone. After our professional dentists have performed all necessary examinations, they offer the patient the best and most budged-friendly smile design price and ensure that the patient has the perfect smile of his/her dreams. In addition to smile design, another way to change the tooth structure is to use braces. You can visit the Orthodontics page for braces treatment.

What is the Smile Design Treatment Stages?

There are some steps that are followed when designing a smile. The first of these is the determination of smile lines and interventions to tooth lengths. Afterwards, orthodontic or bonding applications are made for the split tongue. If the patient has gingival recession, periodontology treatments are applied. In order to achieve the desired color of the patient’s teeth, whitening processes are applied. Afterwards, coating treatment is applied. Crooked teeth are repaired. Endodontic treatment is applied or filling is applied for decayed or broken teeth.

How long does smile design take?

It is not possible to give information about exactly how long the smile designs last. Because the daily life of the patient can cause differences in this period. However, in general, crowns and bridges can be used for up to 10 years on average. It is important to have regular physician control in wire and plaque treatments. If there is a problem, a dentist will notice it in advance and correct it so that the treatment lasts much longer.

How do I know if I’m a candidate for smile design?

If you want to have a smile that looks much more beautiful and pleasant than the one you have now, you can have a smile design done whenever you want. Since smile designs are left to the initiative of the people, they are generally applied for aesthetic purposes.

Why is Smile Design Important?

Smile design dental are calculated and applied individually. When you have a smile design, you will have the most suitable tooth alignment for you. Even your private life will improve positively, thanks to the image that best suits your smile. A good smile and a well-groomed mouth always make individuals more self-confident. You can make smile designs both in terms of aesthetics and health. The mouth of an individual who has a smile design will always look much cleaner as long as routine cleaning is provided.

The smile design is suitable for all patients who have completed the age of 18 and have been found suitable for treatment as a result of the preliminary examination.

While designing the smile, the design is made by considering the anatomical parameters such as the patient’s facial proportions, the sizes of the teeth, the gingival levels, the position of the pupils, the tip of the nose, the asymmetry on the face, the position of the lips, the closing relations of the jaws, as well as the parameters that affect the social life of the patient such as age, occupation and gender.

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