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May 31, 2024

What is the All On Four Six Implant Technique?

In dental implant terminology, the term All on Four and All on Six means that all teeth are supported by four or six dental implants. These procedures are usually done by reconstructing the patient’s mouth when a patient has lost a significant number of teeth in one or both jaws. This process gives the patient the option to replace all of their teeth with four or six natural-looking dental implants. The procedure is also known as a full mount implant. All on Four and  All on Six dental implant dentures usually do not require bone grafting, which increases the cost of implant treatment, and we can say that they are an excellent solution for patients with low bone density in their jaws. All on Four implant techniques and All on Six implant techniques offer patients a more robust and healthy alternative to the frequently preferred dentures.

Who Can Have All On Four/Six Implants?

All on Four and All on Six dental implant treatments are recommended for patients with tooth loss. It is also for patients who have partial missing teeth and want to replace their existing teeth with a full arch dental implant. The All on Four and All on Six implant technique offer a long term and healthy alternative to traditional dentures.

What Should You Know About All on Four/Six Implants?

All on Four and All on Six implant techniques have many benefits in giving the patient a healing process, healthy smile and self confidence.
  • It offers a fast recovery process.
  • Pearl white imparts a smile.
  • It is a permanent and robust alternative to removable dental prostheses.
  • It allows you to enjoy eating and talking in a comfortable way.
  • It ensures that your teeth form a whole with your face and provide a radiant smile.
  • As with natural teeth, you can bite and chew all foods.
  • It provides a lifetime solution.
  • You can bite and chew food just like natural teeth.
  • It replaces your missing teeth and provides a lifetime solution.

What are the Treatment Stages of the All on Four/Six Implant Technique?

All on Four and All on Six implant techniques basically consist of three phases; preparation, implementation phase and termination phase of the process. In preparation for the procedure, your dentist completes the oral examination. All on Four and All on Six implant techniques do not normally require bone grafting. However, if there is a serious decrease in bone density, your dentist will evaluate this situation and add this procedure to your treatment plan. The dentist performs the procedure with local anesthetic or intravenous sedation. Dental implants are placed in the jawbone. Then the implants are expected to heal. A temporary prosthesis can be placed in your mouth until the implant treatment process is completed. In the last stage; in the first three months of the procedure, less recovery is expected. During this process, the bone and gums will change shape and adapt to accommodate the new fixture. During this time, patients need to pay attention to what they eat. He should be careful not to eat hard or very chewy foods. After the implants are completely fused with the jaw line, a permanent solution such as a dental bridge or removable overdenture is placed on the implants and the process is completed.

What is the Difference Between All On Four/Six Implants and Standard Implants?

All on Four and All on Six dental implants can be an ideal permanent tooth replacement option if you are missing several teeth or when you no longer have natural teeth. While standard dental implant surgery requires a maximum of 10 implants to hold your new teeth in place, with All on Four and All on Six you only need a total of four implants per jaw. Your dentist places implants in bulky areas of your bone. The strongest bone that can best resist atrophy is selected, and then the implants are angled to place your new artificial teeth.

How Do The Prices of All On Four/Six Implant Techniques Change?

All on Four implant cost and All on Six implant cost are affected by factors such as the country, region, and experience of the dentist. Fethiye dentists located in the Aegean, one of the most popular regions of Turkey, offer quality treatment at much more affordable prices.
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